What Do You Really Want for Christmas?

What Do You Really Want for Christmas?

What do you really want for Christmas?

Do you need another sweater?  Maybe.  Do you really need another tie?  You could use it but is it a real need? Think about it.  I love presents just like anyone else but these days as I get older, I am spending my time, money and effort on things that will build my business, benefit my clients and ultimately leave a legacy about my life on this earth.  During this holiday season, I have attended business conferences, telesummits, met with prospective clients, networked with colleagues, took classes, travelled to be with my business coach, attached virtual events to help build my business.  That’s what is important to me and will help expand, grow and enhance my business and life in the upcoming year.  What do I want for Christmas?  A present that lasts.  A present that can leave a mark on the world long after Christmas Day.  Look at your Christmas list again and decide what you really want for Christmas?  I’m your publisher and if I can help you get that book done this year so it can be released in 2018, let me know.  #iamyourpublisher #bookboss #messagemotivator #workwithme

Making my list,

Julia Royston

  1. S. Bonus assignment: Take a minute and make a list of the things that are truly important to you. What goals, resolutions or dreams did you write down in January 2017 that haven’t happened yet, write them down too.
  2. S. S. – If you have dreamed of writing that book or have started it and not yet finished, let’s write it together. The next three writing sessions are December 5, December 16 and December 19 for the Holiday Special of $19.97 each session or $47 for all three. This price will never be this low again and after today at midnight, the All-Access Pass goes away complete!  Register at http://bit.ly/writeworkwin!  Don’t wait another minute.


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