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“Julia Royston and BK Royston Publishing has helped me fulfill my dream of being a published author.” SCBH, Louisville, KY

“The greatest publisher ever!”  ROH, Nashville, TN

“I have learned so much!”  SMR, Louisville, KY

“Their services are great!” KW, Houston, TX

“Julia Royston’s work speaks for her.” JYP, Vancouver, BC

“If you need a publisher, contact Julia Royston and BK Royston Publishing.  JA, London, England, UK

“I would recommend Julia Royston and BK Royston Publishing to everybody.” JS, Las Vegas, NV

“I loved publishing with you. The book came out beautiful. Everyone loved it.” T. Martin

“Special thanks to my publisher Julia A. Royston you’re the best!” MH, Alabama

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 Any great and successful athlete, business owner or person will tell you that their skills, talents and abilities were taken to the next level when they got a coach.  Do you want to be GREAT instead of good?  Do  you want to be guided, held accountable and not waste time heading in the wrong direction on any project including writing a book?  Then you need a coach and the coaching staff at BK Royston Publishing is happy to help.  Reach out to us to schedule time with us at http://bit.ly/talkwithroyston.  You will be directed to our calendar and in the space that is marked available, put your name and contact information and a member of our staff will reach out to you.  Don’t waste time!  Get a Writing, Publishing and Promotion Coach!  Let’s go!

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Message to the Masses Blog

Ready to Publish a Book – How do I Start?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sr2OIftxhw&w=560&h=315]

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Book Business Bosses

There are less than 100 days left until we end 2017.  Wow, where has the time gone.  In January, we thought we had so much time to accomplish those lofty goals, resolutions or plans.  We are less than 100 days to go and what have done?  What do you still want to do before the

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September – Birth. Build. Be.

  Home Depot has coined the phrase, “Let’s Build Something Together.” I agree but want to add two more things to it. Build, Birth and Be. It’s the 9th Month of the year, September. We only have 4 months left of the year. Whew, where did the time go? The remainder of schools will be

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Thank you is all..

Do you have to constantly remind people to say thank you? I usually remind people by saying, “You are welcome.” They are instantly reminded that they didn’t say thank you. Most of the time they say thank you but it is half-hearted and definitely an afterthought. Today, I want to tell each and every one

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What I learned from Essence Festival..

Things I learned from Essence Fest 2017 I am pleased to announce that BK Royston Publishing was a participant at the Essence Festival 2017 by having the opportunity to have books sold in first ever Essence Festival Bookstore for sale.  The four day festival taught me something and what I learned were: Be ready. I

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Publishing, Products and Profits!

Welcome to May 2017! May is a new month filled with new opportunities! It’s also my birthday month but I digress. The fifth month of the year is right in the middle of the second quarter. The second quarter of a sports event or game is usually where both teams are striving to swing Momentum

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Your Book is a Business

Cleaning a house is something that people, men and women, do all over the world. My dad cleaned houses, cut grass, served tables, picked vegetables to make extra money for his college tuition. My father earned his degree and entered the teaching profession but never let that one income stop him from providing a better

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