Book Business Bosses

Book Business Bosses

There are less than 100 days left until we end 2017.  Wow, where has the time gone.  In January, we thought we had so much time to accomplish those lofty goals, resolutions or plans.  We are less than 100 days to go and what have done?  What do you still want to do before the year closes?  Well, one thing I have been asked to do and have finally accepted the challenge and that is to launch an author community, Book Business Bosses.  The first order of business is to give you 100 Ways to be a Book Business Boss until December 31st.  It is quite a challenge given the demands of BK Royston Publishing but I believe this is what is next for authors around the world.  We will be talking in the next few days about what is next, what Book Business Bosses can do for you and how you can become a member of the Book Business Bosses Community.  In the meantime, receive all of the 100 Ways by registering at  This link will take you to the Book Business Bosses YouTube Channel where I will be delivering a video a day until I reach 100 Ways.  Be sure and subscribe so that when I post, you will be notified and see it immediately.  Let’s go!

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