Thank you is all..

Thank you is all..

Do you have to constantly remind people to say thank you? I usually remind people by saying, “You are welcome.” They are instantly reminded that they didn’t say thank you. Most of the time they say thank you but it is half-hearted and definitely an afterthought. Today, I want to tell each and every one of you how thankful that I am that you are on my mailing list, support, encourage and purchase things from me at any time in my business.

In 2018, I will celebrate 10 years since I published my first book and I am grateful for all of the support of my books and companies. Some of you have been following me back when I travelled singing more than I wrote books or published others. Thank you! Some of you have been watching me and wishing me well through every twist, turn and new venture of my life. Thank you! I appreciate you. I am grateful that God allowed our paths to meet.

I appreciate every birthday wish, congratulations on my job anniversary, every like and every share. I don’t care if Facebook, LinkedIN or Instagram reminded you, you didn’t have to acknowledge anything and could have continued to scroll the timeline. You stopped and left a comment. I thank you.
In your own life, look at things to be thankful and grateful for. Look for the gifts, talents and abilities that are placed in your hands and life. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by to enrich your life or someone else’s life.

Life is short and as I get older, it’s getting even shorter. Be thankful for your love ones. Let the grudge fall to the ground. Don’t wait until they die and you stand there at the casket filled with tears and regret. Let it go already and move forward with a clear conscience and heart. Be thankful for the good, bad, ugly, disappointment, mistake or hurt feeling. You survived. You learned a great lesson to be able to teach someone else. I wasn’t in the past but now I am thankful for being a live to even tell about any of the parts of my life. I could have been dead a long time ago but I’m still here and still thankful.

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Joyce Dugger

July 25, 2017at 11:05 pm

Thank you! I will contract you once I am ready to write and finish my book

    July 29, 2017at 12:09 am

    Great. I look forward to hearing from you. I will be sending additional information to you regarding publishing and writing your book. Thank you so much. Be blessed.

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