Publishing, Products and Profits!

Publishing, Products and Profits!

Welcome to May 2017!

May is a new month filled with new opportunities! It’s also my birthday month but I digress. The fifth month of the year is right in the middle of the second quarter. The second quarter of a sports event or game is usually where both teams are striving to swing Momentum in their favor before half-time. In business it is no longer the early stages of the year. The year is well under way and in the second quarter of business you usually start to see how your customers are responding to your products, see if the market is up or down and start to realize what you need to do or adjust to reach your profit or sales goals. One thing that may help with the profit goals is to create more products. I know you might be asking why? Well, the more products, the more variety of items to sell to more people. I write books in multiple genres to appeal to multiple groups of people. Because of this, I have opportunity create more income if I have more diverse books to sell. The same opportunity can be created for you. Join me on Thursday, May 18th at 8:00 p.m. EST for my class Product Creation! More Products, More Profits! Sign-up at – Let’s go!

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