Your Book is a Business

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Your Book is a Business

Cleaning a house is something that people, men and women, do all over the world. My dad cleaned houses, cut grass, served tables, picked vegetables to make extra money for his college tuition. My father earned his degree and entered the teaching profession but never let that one income stop him from providing a better life for his family. With that cleaning knowledge, his education and economics degrees, he took a mop, bucket, rags, and buffers to create a business. The business was called Sky-Brite of Louisville, Inc. to be exact. At the height of the business, Sky-Brite had 50 employees and my dad still taught school until he retired. I know because my mother and I helped him with invoices, complete payroll, submit contracts and prepare the records for tax filing. If there is a need for your service and you do it well, someone will pay you for it. If my dad could make a business out of a mop and a bucket, what kind of business do you think we can build together with your one book? Let me help you by joining me on April 17th at 7:00 p.m. for a free webinar titled, “Your Book is a Business.” Sign-up now at

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