Do You Have the Courage?

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Do You Have the Courage?

I define courage as doing whatever you desire to do in spite of.  In spite of the fear, discouragement, critics, uncertainty or ability.  You just keep going.  You don’t ask permission or approval to keep going.  You may ask for help, get advice, conduct some research, take a class or get a coach but, don’t stop until you reach your goal.  I know people who are creative enough to write words that fill journals and notebooks for years but don’t have the courage to reach out to a publisher and writing coach to see the words materialize in a book and available for sale online or in person.  It takes courage not just creativity.  It takes courage to survive domestic abuse, cancer or just life.  It also takes even more courage to be bold enough to write your experience down on paper and try to prohibit or rescue someone from the same situation.  Sharing and telling that story takes courage.

Creating a story for children.  Writing a romance novel so hot that the pages are steamy.  Putting pen to paper to create a thoughtful poem is wonderful but releasing those words out into the world takes courage.

I am in the midst of writing my 35th book.  I have a 36th fiction book that is half written but putting that book on hold to create this next one.  Why?  Because I have the courage to put pen to paper and create a book that is designed to help authors not only write books but build businesses.  Now, that is my next level of courage.  Purpose.  At my age, I am pursuing my purpose and have the courage to chase it with everything that I have left in me.  Do you?

Do you have the courage to go to your next level and actually give me a call about your book?  I am available to help and you can easily find my number on the Internet.  Just in case you can’t find it, here it is, 502-802-5385.  I dare you to give me a call.  Be Courageous.

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