What Does Words to Wealth Mean?

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What Does Words to Wealth Mean?

Words to Wealth:  What Does that Really Mean?

I recently had a webinar titled, “25 Ways to Turn Your Words into Wealth.”  To get access to the replay, visit this link, http://bit.ly/25wordstowealth.

I realize that some people may not even know what that phrase “Words into Wealth” really means.  What that means to me and what I have experienced in my life and business is that the words that I am inspired to write lead to money, period.  Those same words can and are turned into different products, services, workshops, conferences and events that generate money.  Those same words have led me to be asked to speak at events, collaborate and partner with other business owners, authors and speakers.  That first book, seen by someone at an event, led me to publish someone else’s book for money which led to the establishment of my publishing company, BK Royston Publishing.  This same publishing company has been in existence now for 9 years, signed 54 authors, coached hundreds more and published more than 100 books.  In 2015, a second publishing company was established for additional genres to be published and a new brand, http://www.royalmediaandpublishing.com.  All from the words that I was inspired to write.  My Words literally have been “Turned into Wealth” or money now for 9 years.  Let me help you get started with your first book and show you how to “Turn Words Into Wealth.”  Attend the Virtual Writer’s Summit 2017 on Friday, March 24 – Saturday, March 25.  Sign up at http://bit.ly/writersummit17 for an investment of $59.  The replays will be available only if you sign up.  Let’s get that Book finally finished begin the process of turning Your “Words into Wealth.”


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