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Publishing, Products and Profits!

Welcome to May 2017!

May is a new month filled with new opportunities! It’s also my birthday month but I digress. The fifth month of the year is right in the middle of the second quarter. The second quarter of a sports event or game is usually where both teams are striving to swing Momentum in their favor before half-time. In business it is no longer the early stages of the year. The year is well under way and in the second quarter of business you usually start to see how your customers are responding to your products, see if the market is up or down and start to realize what you need to do or adjust to reach your profit or sales goals. One thing that may help with the profit goals is to create more products. I know you might be asking why? Well, the more products, the more variety of items to sell to more people. I write books in multiple genres to appeal to multiple groups of people. Because of this, I have opportunity create more income if I have more diverse books to sell. The same opportunity can be created for you. Join me on Thursday, May 18th at 8:00 p.m. EST for my class Product Creation! More Products, More Profits! Sign-up at – Let’s go!

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Your Book is a Business

Cleaning a house is something that people, men and women, do all over the world. My dad cleaned houses, cut grass, served tables, picked vegetables to make extra money for his college tuition. My father earned his degree and entered the teaching profession but never let that one income stop him from providing a better life for his family. With that cleaning knowledge, his education and economics degrees, he took a mop, bucket, rags, and buffers to create a business. The business was called Sky-Brite of Louisville, Inc. to be exact. At the height of the business, Sky-Brite had 50 employees and my dad still taught school until he retired. I know because my mother and I helped him with invoices, complete payroll, submit contracts and prepare the records for tax filing. If there is a need for your service and you do it well, someone will pay you for it. If my dad could make a business out of a mop and a bucket, what kind of business do you think we can build together with your one book? Let me help you by joining me on April 17th at 7:00 p.m. for a free webinar titled, “Your Book is a Business.” Sign-up now at

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Do You Have the Courage?

I define courage as doing whatever you desire to do in spite of.  In spite of the fear, discouragement, critics, uncertainty or ability.  You just keep going.  You don’t ask permission or approval to keep going.  You may ask for help, get advice, conduct some research, take a class or get a coach but, don’t stop until you reach your goal.  I know people who are creative enough to write words that fill journals and notebooks for years but don’t have the courage to reach out to a publisher and writing coach to see the words materialize in a book and available for sale online or in person.  It takes courage not just creativity.  It takes courage to survive domestic abuse, cancer or just life.  It also takes even more courage to be bold enough to write your experience down on paper and try to prohibit or rescue someone from the same situation.  Sharing and telling that story takes courage.

Creating a story for children.  Writing a romance novel so hot that the pages are steamy.  Putting pen to paper to create a thoughtful poem is wonderful but releasing those words out into the world takes courage.

I am in the midst of writing my 35th book.  I have a 36th fiction book that is half written but putting that book on hold to create this next one.  Why?  Because I have the courage to put pen to paper and create a book that is designed to help authors not only write books but build businesses.  Now, that is my next level of courage.  Purpose.  At my age, I am pursuing my purpose and have the courage to chase it with everything that I have left in me.  Do you?

Do you have the courage to go to your next level and actually give me a call about your book?  I am available to help and you can easily find my number on the Internet.  Just in case you can’t find it, here it is, 502-802-5385.  I dare you to give me a call.  Be Courageous.

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What Does Words to Wealth Mean?

Words to Wealth:  What Does that Really Mean?

I recently had a webinar titled, “25 Ways to Turn Your Words into Wealth.”  To get access to the replay, visit this link,

I realize that some people may not even know what that phrase “Words into Wealth” really means.  What that means to me and what I have experienced in my life and business is that the words that I am inspired to write lead to money, period.  Those same words can and are turned into different products, services, workshops, conferences and events that generate money.  Those same words have led me to be asked to speak at events, collaborate and partner with other business owners, authors and speakers.  That first book, seen by someone at an event, led me to publish someone else’s book for money which led to the establishment of my publishing company, BK Royston Publishing.  This same publishing company has been in existence now for 9 years, signed 54 authors, coached hundreds more and published more than 100 books.  In 2015, a second publishing company was established for additional genres to be published and a new brand,  All from the words that I was inspired to write.  My Words literally have been “Turned into Wealth” or money now for 9 years.  Let me help you get started with your first book and show you how to “Turn Words Into Wealth.”  Attend the Virtual Writer’s Summit 2017 on Friday, March 24 – Saturday, March 25.  Sign up at for an investment of $59.  The replays will be available only if you sign up.  Let’s get that Book finally finished begin the process of turning Your “Words into Wealth.”


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