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Book Business Bosses

There are less than 100 days left until we end 2017.  Wow, where has the time gone.  In January, we thought we had so much time to accomplish those lofty goals, resolutions or plans.  We are less than 100 days to go and what have done?  What do you still want to do before the year closes?  Well, one thing I have been asked to do and have finally accepted the challenge and that is to launch an author community, Book Business Bosses.  The first order of business is to give you 100 Ways to be a Book Business Boss until December 31st.  It is quite a challenge given the demands of BK Royston Publishing but I believe this is what is next for authors around the world.  We will be talking in the next few days about what is next, what Book Business Bosses can do for you and how you can become a member of the Book Business Bosses Community.  In the meantime, receive all of the 100 Ways by registering at  This link will take you to the Book Business Bosses YouTube Channel where I will be delivering a video a day until I reach 100 Ways.  Be sure and subscribe so that when I post, you will be notified and see it immediately.  Let’s go!

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September – Birth. Build. Be.


Home Depot has coined the phrase, “Let’s Build Something Together.” I agree but want to add two more things to it. Build, Birth and Be.

It’s the 9th Month of the year, September. We only have 4 months left of the year. Whew, where did the time go? The remainder of schools will be in session after the Labor Day Holiday and teachers will be attempting to build the minds of students everywhere. It is the 9th month of the year and if a woman got pregnant in January, she is feeling ready to deliver her baby at any moment. The third thing is to just Be. Be your best you that you can be. I would love for everyone to write a book but that might not be for you. I would love for every author’s book to be a movie, worldwide bestseller and weekly show. Don’t judge me. This is my dream. I digress. What type of life are you Building for yourself, your family and your community? Have you dreamed of Birthing a business, a book or a blog? Whatever that thing is that won’t let you sleep at night or is nagging in the back of your mind or has been your dream since you were 5, BE that! Don’t wait another moment. Do your homework and find out how. What does it take? How much does it cost? Who does that already and can help you? Go BE You!

Remember, Julia’s Over Here Building Something too.

P. S.
What’s Coming Next?

Finally Finish the Book Writing Session #2 – September 5 – 8:00 p.m. EST – 10:00 p.m.
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Thank you is all..

Do you have to constantly remind people to say thank you? I usually remind people by saying, “You are welcome.” They are instantly reminded that they didn’t say thank you. Most of the time they say thank you but it is half-hearted and definitely an afterthought. Today, I want to tell each and every one of you how thankful that I am that you are on my mailing list, support, encourage and purchase things from me at any time in my business.

In 2018, I will celebrate 10 years since I published my first book and I am grateful for all of the support of my books and companies. Some of you have been following me back when I travelled singing more than I wrote books or published others. Thank you! Some of you have been watching me and wishing me well through every twist, turn and new venture of my life. Thank you! I appreciate you. I am grateful that God allowed our paths to meet.

I appreciate every birthday wish, congratulations on my job anniversary, every like and every share. I don’t care if Facebook, LinkedIN or Instagram reminded you, you didn’t have to acknowledge anything and could have continued to scroll the timeline. You stopped and left a comment. I thank you.
In your own life, look at things to be thankful and grateful for. Look for the gifts, talents and abilities that are placed in your hands and life. Don’t take it for granted. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by to enrich your life or someone else’s life.

Life is short and as I get older, it’s getting even shorter. Be thankful for your love ones. Let the grudge fall to the ground. Don’t wait until they die and you stand there at the casket filled with tears and regret. Let it go already and move forward with a clear conscience and heart. Be thankful for the good, bad, ugly, disappointment, mistake or hurt feeling. You survived. You learned a great lesson to be able to teach someone else. I wasn’t in the past but now I am thankful for being a live to even tell about any of the parts of my life. I could have been dead a long time ago but I’m still here and still thankful.

P. S. If you are ready to get your book written and published, reach out to me and let’s talk at

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What I learned from Essence Festival..

Things I learned from Essence Fest 2017

I am pleased to announce that BK Royston Publishing was a participant at the Essence Festival 2017 by having the opportunity to have books sold in first ever Essence Festival Bookstore for sale.  The four day festival taught me something and what I learned were:

Be ready. I didn’t get the notice that my books would be available for sale at the Festival until Wednesday, June 28 at 10:05 a.m. My husband and I had left the house 5 minutes earlier and I had some books with me but not enough. I turned around for more books because I was literally 10 minutes away from the house. But what if I hadn’t written and finished the book? What if I hadn’t purchased print copies to replenish my inventory from a previous event? What if I had left a day earlier? What if this and what if that can be debated all day long but in the end, I was ready.

Don’t miss the opportunity. Someone sent me a link to apply to have my books in the first ever Essence Bookstore at the Festival. I hadn’t seen the notice on my own. Even though I waited a day, I still acted on it. I don’t know if there will be a Bookstore next year but I acted and didn’t miss the opportunity, this year.

Present and Pleasant Surprises. I had planned to go to the festival as a get-away trip with my husband, family and friends. I had dreamed about participating at Essence Festival one day when I attend the 20th Anniversary a couple of years ago and other national events, but who knew that participation at Essence Festival was to happen this year. This to me was a pleasant and present surprise.

Connections. I confess that I was overwhelmed after dropping off my books at the Essence Bookstore. I literally cried while standing in the middle of the Convention Center. I should be embarrassed but I’m not. I’ve been publishing and writing for 9 ½ years now. I had a break through. A fellow author saw me, hugged and congratulated me. Now, I have a connection with another author that I didn’t have before. Not to mention, that I now have a connection with a New Orleans Bookstore.

Partnering with a Purpose. The Essence Festival is a huge and incredible event bringing education, information, culture, food and fantastic music together in one unique city. There were nightly music concerts and I saw artists that performed classics, familiar music as well as new music. As an artist, it thrilled me. One important thing that I didn’t expect was the mutual celebration and acknowledgement of artists of each other. There were performances that brought surprise artists that were not listed on the program but the main stage artist was willing to share their stage. This only enhanced their performance and in the end, gave me a higher respect for that artist. Would you be willing to share your stage with someone else? It was a great lesson to me.

Opportunity, readiness, connections, partnering and even surprises may take time but the most important thing is that you start moving in the direction of your goals and dreams. Some opportunities won’t come until you start. You can’t always be getting ready, you have to have some things already ready. With being ready, connections, partnering and pleasant surprises will happen. Thank you Essence.

If you are ready to get that book finished, go to and sign up for the next Write that Book Now Class or get on my schedule and let’s talk about your book.  Reach out at


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Publishing, Products and Profits!

Welcome to May 2017!

May is a new month filled with new opportunities! It’s also my birthday month but I digress. The fifth month of the year is right in the middle of the second quarter. The second quarter of a sports event or game is usually where both teams are striving to swing Momentum in their favor before half-time. In business it is no longer the early stages of the year. The year is well under way and in the second quarter of business you usually start to see how your customers are responding to your products, see if the market is up or down and start to realize what you need to do or adjust to reach your profit or sales goals. One thing that may help with the profit goals is to create more products. I know you might be asking why? Well, the more products, the more variety of items to sell to more people. I write books in multiple genres to appeal to multiple groups of people. Because of this, I have opportunity create more income if I have more diverse books to sell. The same opportunity can be created for you. Join me on Thursday, May 18th at 8:00 p.m. EST for my class Product Creation! More Products, More Profits! Sign-up at – Let’s go!